Kindness as an attribute for success – really?

I was reading the LinkedIn profile of a new contact this week. Amongst an impressive list of testimonials praising technical and professional skills one phrase stood out – “a kind person”. This attribute of being able to express human warmth and concern for other people is one that I have seen time and again in successful people. I’ve met my share of tyrants too! Their workplaces are run by intimidation at worst, or at best a careless disregard of how their staff and suppliers feel.

Why would anyone want to associate with a person without kindness, whether in private or professional life? As I complete my 25th year of running Alpha and look forward to the next phase, I can look back with pleasure on hundreds of friendly encounters and many long-term professional friendships. Relationships tend to be more transitory these days and we have fewer face to face meetings but the upside is that we can now engage with thousands of people in small ways providing encouragement and support.

At the end of the day we won’t be remembered for the amount of money we make or what we achieve, but how we make people feel. |