Elaine Nester Managing Director

What I bring to Alpha:
 I’ve been running Alpha since 1989 – the lifetime of some of our younger team members! I remember clearly how it felt to be new in business and I like to feel I can pass on some of my experience to those of our clients who are just starting out. It’s good to share experiences with those who have been in business for many years too; the issues change as time goes on. My role is client liason, strategy, concept generation and copywriting but I also get a lot of satisfaction from mentoring young people within the business and watching them grow. Our best work over the years has resulted when clients give us a free rein – trust us and we’ll excel.

Me in a nutshell: I love the countryside, English pointers, modern sculpture especially in wood and metal and cooking for friends.

Why I like working at Alpha: Alpha is almost like a person to me. It has a life of its own and I’d like to see it flourishing long after my involvement is over. I love the stimulating environment here – great people with amazing ideas. After 25 years of trading we get to choose from all the talented people who want to work with us – and we have some lovely loyal clients too.

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