A moving experience

It’s official – after 25 years of working in Shrewsbury town centre we are relocating to the studio in the grounds of our home at Garmston. 8 miles outside Shrewsbury on the B4380, Garmston is a small village amid glorious countryside. Our premises at Chester Street are being sold to a developer which will mean an improvement to the street scene on the corner where our row of railway men’s cottages have stood for many years.

We converted some outbuildings at Garmston 15 years ago to house Flash Photography which was part of the Alpha Group at that time. The photographic studio was very busy around the millennium and Flash was only the second photographic company in the country to use Phase One digital technology before digital cameras became mainstream.

Nowadays, photography is part of the integrated Alpha offering and it makes sense to use the space that we created here at our home. The house itself has been used as a backdrop or set for numerous products including food, fashion, furnishings and giftware.

We hope that our new workplace will be of benefit to our clients, partners and suppliers as well as allowing Kevin and me to avoid the daily commute. Access is easy and we have very little traffic to contend with. The majority of our clients are outside the county and many are outside the UK so Skype is used more often than face to face meetings anyway.

Apologies in advance for any interruption in service during the move. We can be reached at all times on our mobiles and the new landline number is on our website.
Elaine: 07801251767
Kevin: 07711764768


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