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Route to Market Consultancy
You Make It, We Make It Sell

So you’ve got your brand, packaging and marketing plan sorted but how do you get the attention of multi national retailers? We have experience with approaching and liaising with supermarkets and can help you to achieve listings for your products.

Route to Market Consultancy

The route to market is the most important part of any product’s journey but probably the most neglected, overlooked and disliked part of the NPD (New Product Development) process. You may have the best product in the world but unless you can communicate the benefits of the brand and sell your product to wholesalers, retailers or direct to end users your business isn’t going anywhere.

Alpha can help with all of the stages listed below from brand creation to selling to buyers to get listings with wholesale and retail distributors.

  • Brand positioning, creation and development – developing brands that sell
  • Product cost / profit margin structure advice – to meet wholesale and retail margin expectations
  • Identify, understand and know your target markets- based on category product gap analysis, production capacity and vision for your brand
  • Approach, meet, sell to buyers – approach wholesale/retail buyers to gain a meeting or presentation opportunity with the objective of gaining a listing for your product
  • Brand launch and roll out with PR support
  • Website Design and Development

We have a proven track record with our own brand ‘Beyond Dark’ which is available from Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett, Harrods and over 1000 independent retailers.

Alpha Design & Marketing can help you apply for subsidised support to help cover the costs of route to market services to grow your business. Simply put, we can help you to sell your products in supermarkets.

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What Our Clients Say:

“Alpha responds rapidly and really gets in tune with our business, our customers and our psyche. They’re always there when we need them and they have allowed us to set the theme within the retailer.”

Andrew Cracknell – Director, Anglo Beef Processors

What Our Clients Say:

“Alpha has provided our business with excellent services, which brought in extra demand for our products. The 2 labels that were designed – Flapjax and Oats Satisfy was a huge success.”

Harvey Thiara – Office Manager, Highgate Foods Ltd

What Our Clients Say:

“The time we have spent has seemed all to short but they have managed to squeeze an enormous amount of enthusiasm, innovation and practical advice into our meetings.”

Jeanette Edgar – Director, Alternative Meats

What Our Clients Say:
“We were extremely impressed by how well Alpha had captured and confirmed the essence of RAPRA in the initial marketing report they presented to us, especially with the branding statement. This was a crucial first stage in what is a very significant and complex project for RAPRA. The report and branding statement will be the foundation of this next key stage for us, which is a result of how pleased we are with that element.”

Steve Shaw – RAPRA, Executive Director
I love the CleverstiX packaging, display boxes and sales brochure created on our behalf by James and Amy at Alpha. It was an absolute pleasure to work with both of them, who not only demonstrated their great competence in producing the designs, but in addition admirably rose to the challenges of adhering to the strict design rules imposed by the CleverstiX Licensors (including DreamWorks, Sanrio, Studio Canal and the Science Museum), and to working within the particular formats demanded our the manufacturing partners based in South Korea. Coupled with Elaine’s and Kevin’s proven expertise in developing the CleverstiX PR and marketing strategy, Alpha impeccably demonstrated they provide the complete route-to-market service.
Kevin North,
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