“I’ll know what I like when I see it.”

I love it when clients cannot tell us what they want. No really – why should they be able to? If they could, we wouldn’t be needed. On occasion our designers get so far with a project then the client says  that he is just not sure about the work we have done. This can happen with new clients, and particularly those who are new to buying marketing or design services, although a brief has been agreed at the outset.  It’s at that point that we stand back, discuss  the original brief in detail and then, if necessary, take a different approach.

The usual problem is that company owners and directors are so close to their businesses, and to the industries they operate in, that they cannot stand in the shoes of their buying public. It’s our role to do just that – to challenge the client and help him to understand exactly what he needs to convey in his marketing.

More often than not, the project comes full circle and the client becomes comfortable, and confident with the proposed work. If not, we view this as an investment in the relationship and provide alternatives. 

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