Have They Got The Message Yet?

One of my longest standing and highly regarded clients said to me today that he was slowly warming to the value of social media as part of the marketing tool kit. I breathed a sigh of relief that all my words had not been in vain but……he quickly followed up by qualifying, “It’s probably good for B2C brands. Linkedin is the only one for B2B”. 
This is the view of many people. They are not yet aware of the power of Twitter and Facebook, not to mention the lesser known applications such as Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Social media is electronic word of mouth and the best bit of all is that it’s user generated. Your chance to blow your own trumpet about your business. But subtlety is needed, or rather the content that you publish should not read like an advertisement – more like an opinion piece or a comment on a topical issue.
Very similar to real life networking or socialising, if you just talked about yourself and boasted about your skills, people would soon wander off or their eyes would glaze over.
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