FIR Compliant Labeling & Packaging

/ Food Information Regulation Compliant Packaging

FIR Compliant Labeling & Packaging
FIR Compliant Labeling & Packaging
Is your packaging & labeling compliant with the 2014 Food Information Regulations?

The new Food Information Regulation (FIR), has been designed by the European Union to make food labeling easier to understand for consumers. Alpha works to these regulations to insure that all packaging and labeling is accurate and can be sold anywhere. The new FIR outlines rules on general food and nutrition labeling including fonts and point sizes. Work has already begun across many large brands to bring their packaging up to standard.

Why not take the opportunity to improve the design as well as making the statutory changes? Alpha can advise you on what changes need to be made to meet the new FIR regulations and also how to improve on the overall look of your packaging. The nutrition labeling will be mandatory in 2016, it is important to be ready for the deadline otherwise your products could be removed from shop shelves. We are here to help you make the required changes to your packaging. Please use the below contact form to get in touch.

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