Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Not a strapline for a butter ad but a lesson we’ve had confirmed from our own strategy this year so far. When you’ve been in business for a quarter century as we have (I still find that hard to believe!), you gather a mass of data – contacts you have worked for, prospective clients, suppliers, etc, etc. We had an early Spring clean at the beginning of 2015 and decided to focus on 81 key clients and a handful of valued suppliers.

As firm advocates of Client Relationship Management thanks to our long lasting and ongoing relationship with CRM system developers Software Sculptors, we know that it is 8 times easier (and more cost effective) to gain business from clients who are already aware of you than by breaking new ground. And, as a small consultancy with clients spread throughout the UK, Europe and beyond, 81 clients with intermittent needs is a large enough number for us to look after, at least if we aim to do a thorough job.

Our strategy is therefore to take care of those who want to work with us and  to accept that we cannot, nor should we want to, win them all. This is already proving to be very effective as we take a more holistic approach to key relationships and turn away transactional business that is never very satisfying. Most businesses that continually search for new suppliers are focused mainly on price and, although customer loyalty is often said to be diminished these days, we still enjoy strong and honest relationships with a wide and varied client base.

Why not review your strategy for business acquisition? You may find that your new customers are in fact the ones you already have.

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