Do you let people get to you?

Accessibility – a slightly sore point for us at Alpha this week as telephone number transfers didn’t go to plan. That aside, it was brought home to me this week that being accessible, or being available when needed, is one of the most important aspects of business success.

This is not about technology, although recent advances have given us the opportunity to ditch switchboards and give people direct access to mobiles, but more about having an attitude of accessibility. This, for me, separates truly great people in both business and personal life from the average.

An example arose last Sunday. I had sent a client a request via Linkedin to reuse a testimonial he had written about our services. This was a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised and very pleased to hear from him on Sunday granting my request and explaining that he would have come back to me sooner had he not been away on business. This man runs a large, highly successful company. He is nevertheless accessible to me, a supplier. He makes people feel valued.

This is the spirit that has come about through social media. It has been a great leveller. If people choose to engage they can access, or at least make contact with, almost anyone. How you respond, or not, to contact is your decision but my view is that, if we place ourselves into the public arena, we will gain by engaging in a positive way with those who pay us the compliment of noticing us. Social media is a huge virtual meeting place. It’s not a good policy, or good manners, to ignore people, any more than it would be to turn away when spoken to at a social gathering.

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