Crystal Ball Needed

How much control do we have over the way our lives turn out? We are taught that if we set goals, make a plan to achieve them and work hard, success will follow. This is true to a certain extent and there are many role models and case studies to prove it. Every so often though, things don’t go to plan and paths need to be changed. 

One of the most useful lessons I have learned in business is that everyone has their own perspective and their own agenda – and as employers we need to respect and acknowledge that. Even the best leaders and managers can only lead and manage – they cannot control the people who work for them – nor should they try to.

We’re aiming to appoint a business development person currently. It’s very important that we find someone with the skills and personality to complement our existing team and with the competence to look after our clients. And it’s equally important that the new person feels that the role meets his or her requirements. We have open minds and no pre-conceived ideas about the person and we’ve already had some promising applicants.

Kevin and I will be taking a back seat over the next year or two and this role is critical in allowing that to happen. This next stage will be as exciting as all the previous ones – the future will be shaped by people other than just us and we are happy to watch that unfold.

If you would like to talk about this role please contact me in complete confidence. |