Legless But Smiling Elaine Nester Adm Group
What do a legless mountaineer and the founder of a flip-flop company have in common?

Sounds like a bad taste joke but actually the answer is these were two speakers who inspired me and hundreds of other Rotary conference delegates this weekend. Norman Croucher lost his legs from the knees down after falling on a train track as a student. The horrific accident did not deter him from going on to conquer some of the highest peaks in the world – with spare prosthetic legs in his rucksack in case they were needed. Norman’s black humour in the face of a situation that would defeat most people was awe- inspiring.

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Kindness as an attribute for success – really?

I was reading the LinkedIn profile of a new contact this week. Amongst an impressive list of testimonials praising technical and professional skills one phrase stood out – “a kind person”. This attribute of being able to express human warmth and concern for other people is one that I have seen time and again in successful people. I’ve met my share of tyrants too! Their workplaces are run by intimidation at worst, or at best a careless disregard of how their staff and suppliers feel.

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