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What will you do with the next 8736 hours?

Just look at that lovely 2014 diary – stretching ahead all clean and ready for you. 168 hours in each week to do with as you wish. 8736 hours until you reach Christmas Eve next year. Or don’t you see it like that? Is the diary already blocked out with meetings, obligations, things to juggle, family to care for – do you feel stressed just thinking about it? Well stop right now and give yourself time to breathe. It is YOUR life after all. Provided we are lucky enough to remain alive and in reasonable health during 2014 we have endless choices.

I, for one, aim to avoid wasting many of those hours, days, weeks and months I have before me. Some waste is inevitable, even necessary unless we live like automatons and, as we don’t live in isolation, we are affected by the needs of others. But it’s a good time as the year draws to an end to reflect on the past 12 months and plan what we would like to repeat and what we would like to change in the new year ahead. I read a great blog yesterday that suggested how we might do this.

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