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5 of the best things about 2013 at Alpha (and aims for 2014)

Best things about 2013:

1.Growth Accelerator – we are registered to provide this subsidised service to our clients

2. Existing clients – thanks for staying with us – glad we could offer Growth Accelerator services to some of you too

3. New clients – too many to list here but you know who you are – great to have you on board

4. Welcoming Allan Burrell Design into the Alpha offices – great people, shared ideas

5. Netwalking – enjoyable, healthy, profile raising for all – follow @NetwalkingShrew

How can we do even better in 2014?

1. Growth Accelerator – the initiative continues into 2014 – contact us if you’d like to know more

2. Client service – let us know what we can do to improve. We wouldn’t be here without you.

3. More office sharing – complementary businesses wanting space near town – give us a call 01743 239283

4. More Netwalking, and getting out talking to people in general – less sitting at desks all day

5. Ideas that are yet to arise – the great unknowns 🙂

It’s our 25th year of trading. We’ve learnt from the things that went well – but even more from those that didn’t go so well. If the support of a friendly team could help your business to grow this year, feel free to contact us. Call Amy or me on 01743 236631 or email

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