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What will you do differently this year?

In July 2014 I made a change out of necessity, believing it to be temporary, that led to a permanent and dramatic improvement in my life. I stopped going to the office. It started with severe back pain that made it impossible to sit at a desk for more than a few minutes at a time. I worked from home, mainly lying down as I waited for the problem to subside. Investigations failed to find the cause and the pain disappeared as suddenly as it had started about 6 weeks later.

By that time I found that I had no wish to return to the routine that I had followed for over 25 years. It had taken an illness to force a change that I had really been seeking for a long while. Now I have the freedom to use every day as I want. It’s amazingly liberating. Had I not been ill I have no doubt that my 9-5 habit would have continued and my life would have been less fulfilling.

What would you like to change about your business life this year? Be bold and stretch your thoughts. Changes you consider impossible may not be.

We are currently offering our usual free New Year business review for clients – contact me to book a 60-90 minute session followed by a list of ideas/recommendations. Absolutely no charge or obligation – just an opportunity for us to stretch our creative muscles at the start of the year – and for you to get an objective external viewpoint. Subject to availability – your place or ours. 07801251767 or

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