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“But what do you actually do?”

Do you ever wonder what a person actually does in their day to day work? Do they sit at a desk writing proposals? Are they in continual meetings? Do they stop for lunch or have the occasional peep at their social media timelines? It doesn’t actually matter very much – what does matter is what they achieve in a day and that is all that should be considered, especially by those who are paying them a day rate. In my view, hourly rates and day rates should be abolished in favour of task-based charging. As a consultant, I’m one of that maligned group of people who charge large sums of money for my time. But actually, my clients are not buying my time but the outcomes of the work I do for them. If those outcomes are worth many times more than my fees, then the client has value for money. Here is an example of what I do in a typical 8-10 week project. It’s all about asking questions:

1. Where are you now? – a review of the business as it currently stands.This enables the business owner to stand back and look critically at his business.
2. Where do you want to get to? – setting of objectives with milestones for the next 3 year period.
3. Who do you want as clients/customers? -research of the market in terms of prospective client groups.
4. Who are your competitors? – how and where else might those customers spend their money?
5. How much information do you have? – analysis of the client/prospect database and recommendations for data management.
6. How will you reach prospective clients/customers? – the marketing strategy.
7. What is your sales message? Which media will you use and how much should you spend? – the marketing plan.
8. What are your in-house resources? – get the best out of people by involving them, reduce external costs.
9. Who will do what? – allocation of tasks.
10.When will the plan happen? – a daily/weekly/monthly action plan.

Yes – people pay us to ask them questions. And if they don’t know the answers we help them to find out. Consultants are there to put themselves out of work when the job is done well.And how much do we charge for this? Well I have competitors too so that’s a trade secret but the cost of our work is a small fraction of the results you will get by putting a structured plan into action. How can I be so sure? I am the person who telephoned 10 decision-makers a day for a year resulting in 1 meeting a day, resulting in 1 sale for every 3 meetings, resulting in beating my sales target at the end of my first year. And then I did it again and again. That was 25 years ago and we have many more sophisticated and varied tools nowadays – but the principle still applies.If you believe in it and you do it, it will work.
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