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Familiarity breeds….sales

Creating brand designs for products that will be sold in countries outside the UK calls for a different approach to that used when designing for the home market. Research has shown that consumers reject products, particularly food products, that look “foreign” owing to lack of trust. This is clearly not the case with internationally renowned brands, and markets are rapidly becoming more global but, for new brands, we find that designs using fonts and image styling that are already in use in the local market are more likely to succeed. This is particularly true of tertiary brands.

Examine this in light of your own shopping experience. Sometimes foreign looking products appeal – they are different and therefore interesting – but on the whole we feel comfortable with typographic and imagery cues that are instantly recognised and understood. This is the reason that the cut-price supermarkets create copycats of UK brands. 

As a branding agency, unless our brief is to deliberately create an exotic image we position new brands within the culture in which they are to appear. This can be achieved without copying category leaders but by selecting appropriate visual and linguistic cues. There is nothing worse than badly translated text on packaging for giving the game away!

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