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“Everyone whinges about their boss” – and the benefits of a support network.

I just counted up 8 roles I have had this week – media planner, buyer, creative director, copywriter, HR manager, coach, trainer, account manager – all in the space of 5 days. I’m also a wife, mother, daughter, grandmother – and dog owner. I can be all these things only with the support of others – colleagues, suppliers, accountant, family, cleaners, gardener (not necessarily in priority order :-)) – and of course clients, without whom we would have no money and no reason to come to work. Many other small business owners could say the same. I think that, unless we are able to recognise our own strengths and weaknesses and focus only on the things we do well, we can very easily become overwhelmed and under-effective. The lady who cleans our house promotes herself as “A helping hand for the overwhelmed” and that’s exactly what she is (Debbie Wales at ShropGirlFriday). Sarah who cleans our offices is another star who saves us from the clutter that gathers around us as we work. And Peter who does our garden not only keeps the weeds in check but also has a key in case we’re delayed. He will walk our dog, or even take food out of the freezer when I forget. Our very good neighbour Richard also has a key. This sort of help is so valuable to working people – you may have a similar support network.

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