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Minimum wage and the plight of the poor employer!

What is the value of one hour of a person’s time? (This is a question of economics, not of philosophy by the way – we all know that time is invaluable and it’s all we really have :-)) Is my time more valuable than that of a trainee because I have more experience? Or does it depend on what each of us is doing in that hour? Can I accomplish more in an hour than the shop assistant down the road, or the doctor in his surgery, or the accountant in his office? Sometimes maybe I can and other times not. It all depends on what I am doing for whom and the value that is placed on that work.

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Why do we buy? And how can we use that knowledge to sell?

3 reasons why I love the Vision Express TV ad:

1. The theme is heart-warming and emotional

2. The soundtrack takes me back to when I was a teenager

3. There’s a cute baby in it

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How far can you reach?

It was once said that, unless you create the perfect mousetrap, nobody will beat a path to your door. As I’ve heard the patter of mousey feet and the gnawing of little teeth at night recently, I would certainly beat a path to find that product myself. But domestic issues aside, unless people know what your business is all about, they will fail to trade with you. It’s that simple. We all buy brands we know about and trust; we buy from people and companies we have heard about. And these days, there are so many ways in which your message can be seen and heard.

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